Domino - Collezione Gioielli di Valenza

the new collection by Gioielli di Valenza.

A new jewelry line created to give a custom made style in harmony with your own
way of being and make it even more unique and inimitable!

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Wearing the white gold and diamond rings with the letters of your name,
you can write your story and embellish it.

Each letter is wearable singularly and insertable as a pendant in a necklace
or a bracelet, a perfect gift to distinguish yourself.

Do you have a word that characterizes you and always want to take with you?

This collection allows you to select and and compose the one that suits you,
choosing between the already made or developing what you have in mind!

Discover the collection, find your word and show yourself!

Domino - Collection Gioielli di Valenza

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